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                     Professional, realistic and proficient


We are a four piece band based in Cheltenham with many years experience in weddings, parties, festivals and other functions where a band is needed. We offer four different options that can be tailored to suit your event.

An acoustic duo suitable for backing music or for weddings, parties or events where a full band would be too intrusive and/or expensive. In this configuration we have played everything from house parties and BBQ’s right up to large weddings and corporate events. We are available for daytime bookings.

An acoustic trio same as above but with a Cajon box drum. This can also include bass if required.

The standard four piece band featuring electric and acoustic guitars, bass and drums.


We play a wide range of rock and pop material from the 1960s up to the present day. We use an electronic drum kit which gives us considerably more versatility in terms of volume than a traditional rock band and allows us to set up in a relatively small space. We can play loud or quiet, chill out in the background or provoke riotous dance floor activity.

We never forget that this is your event, not ours and will be as flexible as possible when it comes to accommodating your individual requirements. We have full public liability insurance and will liaise with your venue to ensure a professional service and a worry free event. 

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